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I live for you, mama.

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a straight man: hey dude



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Portraits for Novembre Issue 8


Portraits for Novembre Issue 8

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do not be fierce to me over text at really crazy times in the morning because I will wake up long enough to read you into tomorrow’s REM cycle

you’re late boy bye

Anonymous said: the * after trans has more often than not be used to discriminate against trans women, and is in fact felt by many to be blatantly transmisogyonistic so pls can you not with using it.

I’ve done some reading on this and it’s still so basackwards to me me? As someone who falls under the trans(*) umbrella this is a discussion that I need to be able to take part in, not told what to do. If this was an issue where I have privilege, I’d shut the fuck up, but I’m marginalized even within the identification of trans(*) as a non-binary (but often read as mtf) individual.

So yeah obviously my PRIORITY is to do what’s right for this community and cause as little pain as possible (or like take part in its elimination! whee!) but y’all can’t just hop on my anon and say that, we have to talk about it and educate each other because like I said this is my community too

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Anonymous said: What did you think of the Adore and Trinity lip-sync??!!! I'm dying to know your opinion. :)

I was so shocked Adore pulled it out the way she did???!!?!?! Like let’s be real she IS a newcomer and fuck what social media said and fuck how famous she is on YouTube, she’s busted BUT THAT BEING SAID y’all know I don’t judge a queen on how expensive their shit is because you know you can just get a stylist when you have money and you get money from being talented so yeah fucking damn that was a good ass lip-sync. I dunno if she /won/ in my opinion but Trinity’s sashay away was honestly one of the best things to happen to the show (not because she sucks but because she was so fucking positive about it) but either way I’m kinda sad overall that Trinity who is polished and performed isn’t here while Adore and Joselyn who are drag fetuses are still in the cut

Anyway I like everyone on the show now except Derienne who’s being vicious smh I wanted her to win and Courtney who’s being v odd and kinda boring


Sylvia Rivera (1951-2002) posing in front of her altar to Marsha P. Johnson (1944-1992) - photo by Valerie Shaff, ca. 2000


Sylvia Rivera (1951-2002) posing in front of her altar to Marsha P. Johnson (1944-1992) - photo by Valerie Shaff, ca. 2000

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still iconic

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— Trinity K. Bonet
heckachords said: can i just say that honestly you are one of my favorite people on this god forsaken website like seriously please keep up the good work because god knows these cis spreppers don't know anything <333

cheers, mama. I extend a heartfelt invitation to world domination to you as well <3

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