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I live for you, mama.
I met @janetmock and I just about died in the process. If you ever get the opportunity to hear her live please do so. I feel so blessed.

I met @janetmock and I just about died in the process. If you ever get the opportunity to hear her live please do so. I feel so blessed.

Anonymous said: how do you feel about special guest judges on rupaul drag race specifically the guest judges who are hetro cisgender and know nothing about drag but give still judge the queens on the show.One of the judges that got under my skin was aubrey oday i felt was a little harsh how did you feel about her judgment ?

ugh idc how gay you are if you don’t know balls about drag you should not be telling these girls what the deal is!!!! like the pointer sisters and latoya jackson and billy b and idk some other people are familiar with drag business so it’s fine but adam lambert???????????????? NPH?????? I just don’t get it except that I do - ru wants to redefine drag to pander to a mainstream audience which is v abusive

but I kinda liked aubrey no lie sorry bout it she gave those bug eyes and I died 

protector-ofthe-small said: you met janet mock. i am jealous forever and i hope you had a great time!

I did! We were invited to a little pre-interview kiki at the dean’s house which was so amazing and so nerve-wracking but amazing because she’s the ultimate sweetheart and then we took pics (I’m on her instagram! go look!) and she waved at me out the window of the car and then she did her interview and it was breathtaking and moving and I couldn’t and there was a q&a which was equally as amazing and then she read out of the beautiful thing that she had written (the beyonce chapter) and was so excited to do so and then I bought my second copy of the book for her to sign and my earring fell off and I said I was gonna write “redefining boogie” and she made laugh of it and then we made pictures! and she signed it “love and ferocity” and I read half of it already

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a straight man: hey dude



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Portraits for Novembre Issue 8


Portraits for Novembre Issue 8

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do not be fierce to me over text at really crazy times in the morning because I will wake up long enough to read you into tomorrow’s REM cycle

you’re late boy bye

Anonymous said: the * after trans has more often than not be used to discriminate against trans women, and is in fact felt by many to be blatantly transmisogyonistic so pls can you not with using it.

I’ve done some reading on this and it’s still so basackwards to me me? As someone who falls under the trans(*) umbrella this is a discussion that I need to be able to take part in, not told what to do. If this was an issue where I have privilege, I’d shut the fuck up, but I’m marginalized even within the identification of trans(*) as a non-binary (but often read as mtf) individual.

So yeah obviously my PRIORITY is to do what’s right for this community and cause as little pain as possible (or like take part in its elimination! whee!) but y’all can’t just hop on my anon and say that, we have to talk about it and educate each other because like I said this is my community too

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